Wednesday, October 1, 2008

happy birthday sarah!

so saturday, sarah will be 2! it hardly seems like 2 years since she put me through the worst pain EVER! isaac's birth was great and pain free, thanks to the epidural. but the epi didn't work with sarah and it sucked! i can't believe some women actually give birth naturally, kudos to them! so, in honor of sarah's coming birthday i wanted to share some pictures of her from over the past 2 years. i apologize for the quality of the newborn pics, are camera back then sucked!

first born with daddy, before i had even held her yet.

1 day old

the 'new' family pic. i can't believe i am posting because i look horrible!

her first christmas

6 months old, starting to crawl

this was her birthday last year, turning 1!

valentine's day last year, i used this photo for our valentine's cards

this was at the zoo in april

sarah and isaac a couple months ago at the farmers market

and the most recent, i took this 2 days ago. she looks so big and grown up here!

thanks for looking!