Monday, August 11, 2008

The Farmer's Market

I took the kids to the farmer's market a couple weeks ago. It was the first time we had been there and we all just loved it! The kids, of coarse, liked the candy store, Isaac got a chocolate covered pretzel, it was messy but so yummy! I was more preoccupied with taking pictures. Here are a few of my favorites, we will definitely be returning!

One of the little 'shops' had farm animals, as pets, I think. This was Olivia the Goat, she was super cute and I took a ton of pics of her!

They also had some chickens and baby chics, the baby ones didn't turn out but I did get a good one of what I think was the momma?

My new fav of the kids!

And the chocolate, m&m, reeces pieces, covered pretzel....need I say more?

Someone got creative with an old sink and some flowers, I thought it was picture worthy.

My fav of the trip. Just some fruit but the pic turned out so good!

An angel. This was a display of concrete statue things. This angel was all alone on the top shelf, soaking in the sun, I couldn't resist.

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Jennifer said...

Those are great pics!! It looks like an amazing Farmer's Market! I wish the one near us had goats and chickens!!